Safety Cover Options
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Barry P.
11-03-23 United States

Jill Was amazing and extremely professional. Great hire and a valuable asset to your company. She needs a raise! Barry Pannett

10-22-23 North Carolina

First time ordering safety pool cover and had a lot of questions. Adel was just super in answering all my questions and guided me towards the perfect cover. No need to look anywhere else for a pool cover, these folks at poolcoversdirect have everything covered, including the pool.

Jon B
10-03-23 New Jersey

Please let me tell you that Mindy is a great person to work with. She helped from start to finish. 100% satisfied with the product and service that I received. I will refer her to my friends and will use this company in the future.

Sherry S.
10-12-23 Connecticut

Highly recommend Adel was professional and helpful. We have a kidney shaped pool and we’re concerned about the new cover fitting properly. The new cover is perfect, the quality good and I would purchase from them again.

08-22-22 New York

Mindy took the time and helped me along the way with my replacement loopLoc cover and all went perfect! The customer service is 10/10 and my overall experience was 10/10. Such a pleasure to work with a company who genuinely cares about their client. Thanks again!

James M
10-17-23 Alabama

I ordered a replacement cover a few years ago from Pool Covers Direct. Jill was absolutely great to work with. She made sure that the replacement was the same and that it would fit. We had some storm damage earlier this year and our cover was damaged. I called Jill and got a new one in just a few days. I have recommended Pool Covers Direct to my neighbors and now they are receiving the same great service.

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Safety Cover Options

Safety Cover Options 1-888-389-5065

We design, repair, make new, and duplicate safety pool covers. Our experts will help you get your cover taken care of properly at the best price. Call us today at 1-888-389-5065. We can help you get your cover repaired, remade or help you with a first time cover.

There are many pool safety cover options, and it can be difficult to know what is the right choice, if you don’t work with pool covers every day.  We work closely with all the major manufactures, and we are a nationwide distributor, providing pool covers not only to homeowners, and commercial buildings, but also to other pool professionals and pool stores.  One of our experts can help you decide what would be best for your unique needs. Scroll down for an overview of the pool safety cover options that are available.

Prices are the lowest of the year now. Safety covers are our specialty, call one of our experts today at 1-888-389-5065, or you can email us HERE

Pictures of the types of covers we work with
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Stock Pool Covers: Rectangle covers in various sizes, if your pool meets stock dimensions, you can get big savings with a stock cover.

Custom Pool Covers:  Just about any shape or size you can imagine, we can do it.

Mesh Safety Covers:  Water flows through for ease of maintenance, and keeps your pool secure

Solid Safety Covers with Drain: Water only flows through mesh drain, blocks sunlight to reduce algae growth, keeps your pool cleaner.

Solid Safety Covers with no drain, requires pump:  Keeps out all sunlight and water, requires an automatic pump to be hooked up at all times.  Keeps your pool the cleanest.

Bungee covers: Solid covers that attach with rubber straps, rather than springs.  An older style cover that we can duplicate with a top quality replacement.

Automatic covers:  We do not work with these types of covers currently, because we are unable to do in person inspections on the systems at this time, and the systems can often cause damage to a cover. 

Non Safety Winter covers:  These are more like the tarp type covers, lower cost alternative, has many drawbacks compared to safety covers, but they can keep your pool clean, we do not sell this type of cover.

Contact us today to get a free estimate, and discuss your pool safety cover options, either by phone at at 1-888-389-5065 or you can send us your pool cover details HERE.

Now is the best time to order, prices are the lowest of the year, order early to make sure you have your cover in time for closing.

Call one of our experts today to provide your details, or with any questions at 1-888-389-5065, or you can email us HERE