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Bungee Pool Covers

If you are replacing this type of cover, it is highly recommended to take pictures of the existing cover while it is on the pool, so we can see how the original fit, and address any issues we may see up front.

Prices are the lowest of the year now. Safety covers are our specialty, call one of our experts today at 1-888-389-5065, or you can email us HERE

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The best prices and service to duplicate, or remake your Bungee pool safety cover. Our experts will help you get the best cover at the best price. Call us today at 1-888-389-5065We can help you get your cover repaired, remade or help you with a first time cover.

Pool Covers Direct can get your Bungee Pool Cover duplicated through the original manufacture, or through one of our other partner manufactures at a big discount compared to pool store, or pool service company prices.   If you have a serial or work order number, you may not even have to send your old cover in!

These types of covers are made for inground pools, they attach with rubber straps rather than springs. If you already have this type of cover, this is the type of cover you have to stay with in order to use the existing anchors in the ground.

There are some types of bungee covers that can not be remade, such as mesh covers that use bungee straps, and also keep in mind, if the cover has shrunk, or isn’t fitting properly, the new cover will fit the same way, and in those cases measuring is a better option, which we can either walk you through the process, or we may have someone in your area that can help.

Pictures of Bungee Safety Covers

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If you are happy with our pricing(we expect you will be!), we can get the process going for new cover, or we can assist you in getting your cover into one of our partner manufactures.

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