This box can be a little tricky if you haven’t used one before, and you have to pack the anchors just right if you are sending a good number of them.  This box will fit a maximum of 48 brass anchors. Here is the box laid out flat, you should make the bends inwards where there are existing creases to get it ready to assemble

Fold over each side, it won’t really stay in place, but once you get it close, you can bring the top over, to lock everything together, as shown in next step

Once you fold over the 2 sides, then you bring the top over with the tabs folded over, I didn’t push it down fully, so you can see better how it goes together

Once fully assembled, you should tape over the edges, so the box doesn’t fall apart once you start putting things in. If you have a large number of anchors you are putting in here, they will have to be put in very neatly to fit the maximum number in as shown below, 2 wide and 4 stacks of 12 anchors in each stack

This next picture is showing 46 Meyco Popup anchors in the box, there is room for 2 more, but we only had 46 on the day we packed these.

We recommend to fill empty space with newspaper or a plastic grocery bag, so things aren’t bouncing around inside the box, fold over the top and peel off the backing to expose adhesive and fold over to seal.   Go around the perimeter of the box with packing tape, since the items are heavy, for extra support.  If the box comes open, we can’t pay for anchors that don’t arrive, we can file claim with USPS, but if USPS says packaging wasn’t secured, they might deny the claim, so just make sure it’s taped really well.